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Garden: Planning Your Garden

A properly designed garden that is cared for can create beauty and functionality in your outdoor space all season long. These garden beds can be used to house loads of colorful, fragrant blooms or fresh, succulent produce, depending on your personal preferences. However, a garden is about much more that simply throwing a few seeds in the ground and waiting for them to crop up. The right plan will make all the difference in ensuring your plants are healthy, happy and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape.

Deciding On a Location

Once you know what you want to grow, it is time to decide where to put your plants. This process should be a little more involved than simply choosing a corner of the yard and turning over some dirt. For example, plants that require a lot of sun require a space that is away from fences, building or tall plants that might provide shade to the area during much of the day. Since you may be watering your beds daily, ease of irrigation is another consideration in choosing your garden space. Many gardeners also like to place herb and vegetables near the home so they can dash out and clip off what they need for dinner preparation.

What Type

A very important step in creating a garden plan is to determine what type of beds you want to have. The location you choose may make this choice for you. Do you want to look out at a rainbow of blossoms or step through a bed of fragrant herbs? Vegetable crops will be fun to grow and fill your dinner table with nature's bounty all season long. Every type of garden has pros and cons to consider, and you will want to use all the factors possible to choose the best type of beds for your outdoor space.


Choose The Plants

When the beds are ready for planting, it's time to choose the plants that will fill up your garden. If you are planting flowers, choose specimens that require similar amounts of water and sun and opt for colors that will complement one another. For ideas on color combinations, consult a gardening catalog. Vegetables should also be chosen based on their physical requirements. It is also a good idea to select crops based on what your family likes to eat.

The right garden plan will make all the difference in a beautiful, successful addition to your outdoor space. The thermometer may state we are in the throes of winter, but this is the perfect time to begin planning your garden for spring. Remember you in order to have a successful you need to match the plants, the bed and the location.

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