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Pergola garden designs all begin with the pergola itself. A pergola is a simple structure that only takes boards, a little cement, and wood screws or nails to build. There are several supporting columns which are planted in the ground using cement for stability and an open design ceiling that is either beams or a loose cross hatching design. pergola
Pergolas are open designed gazebos intended for garden areas; the pergola can be a free standing feature like gazebo or are attached to the home like a deck. The open work ceiling of the area still provides shade while opening up the area to the sky; this can make small spaces seem larger.

Staining is usually the most pressing maintenance required the pergola portion of the pergola garden design. To make a terrific comfortable pergola garden design choosing the plants, the motif, and the accessories will bring the space together.

Pergola Garden Design Resources

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Books: Look for these books at your library. Deck Designs: Plus Pergolas, Railings, Planters, Benches by The Editors of Homeowner Magazine Arches & Pergolas (Letts Guides to Garden Design) by Robert Ditchfield Trellises & Arbors: Landscape & Design Ideas, Plus Projects by Bill Hylton

Adding Accessories

A pleasing pergola garden design should include accessories which enhance the esthetics of the space. Using water features, night time lighting, and furniture can make a simple garden a place where the entire family or groups of friends will enjoy spending time.

In very hot climates, a pergola garden design could include water misters which would water the plants and provide cooling spray at preset intervals, making the space enjoyable all summer long. Gliding benches and porch swings can also be nice accompaniments to a pergola space, by providing a comfortable place to sit and think, while relaxing in the tranquil environment of the pergola garden.

Using Plants

Because the areas surrounding the pergola are often floored with tiles, concrete, or gravel potted plants are often the pergola garden design decoration of choice. Potted plant gardens are easy to make and to maintain, as an added bonus they can be easier to control than a traditional garden, plants have a harder time spreading and weeds are easier to catch.

Many types of roses will climb the structure of a pergola, allowing the pergola garden design to be covered in the fragrant beauty of the roses. The inside of the area could continue the theme by having potted rose bushes which have been encouraged to grow in interesting designs like a shrub.

In the pots a combination on climbing plants and small trees will accentuate the height of the pergola garden design. There are several flowering climbing plants such as honeysuckle and morning glory do well and smell very nice. Fruit bearing trees are also a nice choice for a potted pergola garden as dwarf versions of many trees so well in pots and they will actually bear fruit. A garden pergola is a nice addition to any yard providing a pleasing, private or intimate setting.





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