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Liven Up Your Home With A Beautiful Front Garden Design

How do you make a statement to the whole neighborhood of what the people who live in the house are like. Easy! By using a well thought out front garden design. You’ve seen the yards that are cluttered with junk or cars and do not speak well for the owners. Other yards have overgrown bushes and trees that say there is not much care being given to the home. Having a beautiful front garden design can be a statement of great ownership. The time and effort put into the front garden design will not only look nice but will increase the value of the home and make the owners proud of their accomplishment. front garden design
Front Garden Designs That Welcome Others

If you are the type of homeowner that wants people to always feel welcome there are ways to say this with your front garden design. Your front garden design of the home should be well manicured and inviting. One of the most important aspects of welcoming people is making a clear walkway. Keeping the bushes and large plants away from walkways will make your home more accessible. Another important aspect is using welcoming plants and colors. Bright cheery flowers say welcome better than about anything else. Early spring flowers such as tulips, crocus, and daffodils will invite people out of their winter doldrums. Bushes with bright green foliage can be placed to show the way to the door of the home. It’s good to avoid plants with thorns or a lot of pollen will make people feel more welcome and prevent injury or allergies.

Naturally Appealing Front Garden Designs

When designing the front garden there are many things to consider. One of the first things to consider is where your home is located. A home in the southwestern desert like New Mexico or Arizona should have a totally different front garden design than one in the northeast or northwest. Another consideration is the amount of care you will have to provide to maintain the front garden design. If you live in a desert area where water is scarce and the summer season is extremely hot using a natural garden design works with native plants works best. Using rock, pebbles and drought tolerant plants can make a beautiful front garden design that will be able to stand up to the severe temperatures.

If however you are in a colder climate you may want to use the same natural theme but modify it to use native plants that will grow in this climate. Evergreens make a beautiful natural garden design for such a climate. Looking for other native plants to the climate will insure that the front garden design will have lasting beauty. Rocks and stone will look beautiful in cold climates as well and make great items for borders. Whatever the climate, using the natural products of the land will help make a much nicer front garden design.


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