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How To Use The Butterfly Garden Design To Attract Butterflies

When people design their gardens sometimes it is nice to have a theme or have a goal for that garden. butterfly garden

A garden can be created to attract certain birds, bees, or butterflies. butterfly garden
The Butterfly Garden Design can be enjoyed by not only the creatures which they attract but by the creator as well.

The sole purpose of creating a butterfly garden design is making a garden which will attract butterflies. There things you need to consider and to include in a butterfly garden design. You will want to take the time to find just the right elements for their location and for the types of butterflies they want to attract. It is not hard to create a butterfly garden design and there are many helpful gardening books and internet sites where additional information can be found.

The garden should be approximately 8-10 feet by 10-14 feet. It should be located in place that receives full sun at least six hours a day. You may also want to provide fruit such as bananas and watermelon as an additional food source. Provide a water source such as puddling. Do this by burying two pans filled with sand. Place a few sticks and rocks on top of the sand, and fill the pans with water. Provide two low containers filled with dark rocks for butterflies to warm themselves if you live in a cooler part of the country. In Texas I find this is usually not necessary. Also, include a hummingbird feeder in the garden. The butterflies will use the feeder and hummingbirds will be attracted also.

These Are Great Plants To Use For Your Butterfly Garden Design

Adult butterflies are attracted to flowers. Butterflies feed on nectar which is in the flowers. Incorporating many flowering plants of various colors into the butterfly garden design will inevitably attract adult butterflies. Plants such as One butterfly bush Four goldenrods, Three New England asters, Two or Three ornamental cabbages, Two or Three joe-pye weeds, One dill plant, Five parsley plants, Knight') Eight globe amaranth. These also work well, the butterfly weed, azalea, butterfly bush, lilac, marigold and impatiens will be big butterfly attractors.

If you would like to make an attractive area for butterflies at all stages of life then milkweed, dogbane, thistles and nettles will need to be incorporated. These are not usually desirable plants for a garden but will be where the butterflies lay their eggs and where the caterpillars will feed.

You can provide in addition to the above a larger water source in the butterfly garden design. A small pool, a bird bath, or a couple small pans inset in the soil will make nice pools of water for the butterflies. Another important feature is to make an area where the butterflies can warm themselves. And don’t forget if you live in a cooler climate use dark rocks or other solid objects that absorb the heat from the sun and place them around the garden where the butterflies can stop and rest and warm themselves.

A nice addition to the butterfly garden design would be a small bench and perhaps even a gazebo where you can sit and enjoy the quiet solitude the garden will provide. Another incentive to build a butterfly garden design is your children will fall in love with it.



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