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If you live in a warmer climate and are looking to do something that’s a little different for your garden a tropical garden design might be what you‘re looking for. Using plants that typically come from warm climates, you can take what was once a average yard and transform it into a jungle landscape that can stimulate the imagination and give your yard the feel of something exotic and tropical. While it may seem to be a daunting task, tropical garden designs can be achieved with a little work.

Creating Your Garden

One of the great things about having a tropical garden is that except for some watering and perhaps transplanting plants from outside to inside when during cold winters, tropical garden design is fairly low maintenance. Tropical environments are characterized by lush growth, and as such, you can let your garden grow without worrying about weeding; the extra plants will simply add to the green. You can use large plants like palms and bamboo as the backdrop for shrubs and other brightly colored, tropical flowers.

One great idea for tropical garden designs is to use some of the taller plants, such as bamboo, to enclose a small clearing, which can have smaller plants, a sitting area, a hot tub, or just a nice, grassy patch to sit down in. The dense growth that plants like bamboo provide means that you can use your tropical garden design to create a very private lush little outdoor area. If you have children, they’ll love the idea of a garden that incorporates what they might see as a secret area or hiding area, and you may find you like it yourself!

Tropical Garden Designs For Cooler Climates

The main barrier that prevents many people from having a tropical garden design in there backyard is the worry that the plants that they choose won’t grow where they live and is a real concern. However, there are many semi tropical plants that will still grow well in more temperate areas, such as palms, bamboo, rhododendrons, varieties of ferns, and banana trees. Almost all of these plants alone can add an exotic feel to your tropical garden design; together, they can make a virtual jungle.

There’s no denying that some plants will flourish in the summer and flounder in the wintertime. In this case, transplanting some plants inside for the winter will keep them thriving and ready for replanting when the freezing weather is over. When in doubt, your local gardening society can be a great source of information on growing varieties of tropical plants in your area. So don’t let the fears of your climate stop you - find out what plants you can gather to incorporate tropical garden design into your yard.




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